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Introduction to

Product Management


Designed by an inventive and empathetic product leader, Donald Farmer, our suite of courses unravels and makes clear some of the more challenging principles and practices of modern product management.

For any starting out on a career in software Product Managment - or for more experienced PMs needing fresh insights on special subjects - these courses are a helpful guide.

The Courses

TreeHive Strategy Product Management courses are unique. They are designed to be simple to follow, but engaging and insightful.

We avoid the rigid prescriptions of common training. Instead we want to give new product managers practical and flexible, frameworks for their work. Along with this we hope to pass on enough knowledge and understanding for more experienced product managers to develop their own unique research, agendas and plans without imposing a strict methodology.

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About Donald Farmer

Having worked in companies ranging from award-winning startups to QlikTech and Microsoft, Donald Farmer has deep experience with software product management and design.

His consultancy, TreeHive Strategy, engages with an extraordinary variety of clients from the worlds largest software vendors to startups in emerging economies.

Donald is also the VP of Research and Innovation at Nobody Studios, a leading international, crowd-infused, venture studio.

Creative Differences

This is Donald's blog where he discusses a wide range of topics relating to innovation, research, design and ... just about everything else.

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Embedded Analytics

Written by Donald Farmer and Jim Horbury, our new book from O'Reilly explores one of the most valuable ways in which you can add value to a software product - by embedding analytics into the business workflow. Click the image to purchase at Amazon.